The Sunset Way is littered with fantastic spots to set up camp with your RV, campervan, caravan or tent. Next to a river, a walk to the pub, with full amenities, or isolated in the bush – we’ve got you covered.

To view all camp spots across the Sunset Way region click on the PDF map below… Or scroll below to check out 7 great camp spots with benefits!

Tara Lagoon, Tara

Sunsets across the lagoon, a stroll to the bakery & pub!

The serene Tara Lagoon on Undulla Creek is the top spot to set up camp in Tara. Make yourself at home by the lagoon-side in time to watch the sunset across the water. Drop in a line and stroll the 2km of pathways along the waters edge, but all he while you’ll have the bonus of a drink at the pub or a coffee down the main street, just a few blocks away.

Sports Club Camping, The Gums

Camping with a whole golf course to yourself!

The tiny population of The Gums, between Tara and Meandarra, maintains camping with amenities and a golf course at its local sports club. It’s a quiet little spot, so it’s very likely you’ll have the camping and the golf course to yourself! It’s sand greens, so perhaps a new golfing experience and in true country welcoming style, pay your green fees in the honesty box.

Club Hannaford, Hannaford

Quiet country spot, with tennis!

The tiny community of Hannaford happily share their grounds with travellers, looking to set up camp in their quiet little spot on the map! It’s a quiet place you’re almost guaranteed to have to yourselves and comes with the bonus of tennis courts! Pop next door to say hello at the post office residence, where the friendly postie is also the camping caretaker.

Brigalow Creek, Meandarra

Choose your favourite riverside spot, just a walk to the pub!

In Meandarra, you’ll find Brigalow Creek runs the length of town, with a lovely spots to set up camp along the riverside. There’s powered sites and amenities at Apex Park on the northern end, or if you’re self-contained take your pick of spots right along the river. The whole length of it is really just a short stroll over for a pub meal, to the café, or groceries.

‘End of the Line’, Glenmorgan

The very centre of town is yours, free.

It would be like the people of Sydney, inviting you to set up camp opposite City Hall… but admittedly on a whole lot smaller scale! Stay in the ‘CBD’ of this tiniest town, Glenmorgan, free of charge and everything is within reach within 1 blocks walk! The general store that sells… everything… is across the road, the hotel just one block down and right next door is the quaintest 1940‘s style Vintage Garage with classic cars on display (that asks only a donation for entry). The camp spot itself is at the historic railway siding, known as the ‘End of The Line’, since the railway line was never extended west towards Surat, as promised by the politicians more than a century ago.

Consider leaving a little donation as you leave, to help the local group of volunteers who maintain this beaut little rest and camp spot.

Myall Park Botanic Garden, Glenmorgan

Camp amongst the garden!

If you’re an avid gardener, or just harbor a love for Aussie flora – the Internationally recognized collection of botanical specimens at Myall Park Botanic Garden will be literally your backyard when you set up camp onsite. The bonus of garden camping is the self-guided walking tracks are best enjoyed in the early morning and late afternoon. Myall Park Botanic Garden is 7km north of Glenmorgan and also features an onsite gift shop and gallery of botanical paintings.

Fisherman’s Park, Surat

With Balonne River Fishing!

Camp on the Balonne River in Surat, at top camping and fishing spot, Fisherman’s Park and take a shot at pulling in a mighty Murray Cod while you’re there. The bonus is, it’s not just a great campsite itself, but it’s just a lovely stroll down the riverside and through the picturesque Lions Park, to Surat’s main street shopping and the famous Cobb & Co Changing Station.